Label printer with camera inspection

Label printer with camera inspection

Flexible label printing and control of printed information for smooth process flow. toptack GmbH offers various ready-made solutions here.

For printing and monitoring the readability of individual printed codes, for immedially manual processing of the labels, a printing system with attached scanner. Only if the code information can be read by the scanner, the label is released for further processing.

For printing and monitoring the readability of labels that are pre-printed in large quantities before being processed (manually or automatically), a thermal transfer label printing system (TTR printer) with camera, for 100% monitoring of the TTR printed code and external rewinder. The content-, as well as the position and quality of a printed code are monitored, and the reading results of the camera can also be logged as a file. If a code print is not readable, or if the print does not meet the specified quality, the printer will stop. The “bad” label can be removed, pressing the error acknowledge button will continue printing. Especially when printing barcodes and / or 2D-codes a 100% readability is already ensured when printing the labels.

toptack GmbH designs and creates complete systems for labeling, dispensing and testing systems according to customer requirements, or according to product-specific requirements and specifications, optionally with a labeling system or laser.

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