Security varnish / Counterfeit protection

Security varnish topsecure (TSS) / sealing varnish / opening certificate

Product and brand protection are essential issues for many companies. The threat to your products is manifold. Whether manipulation, forgery, abuse or warranty fraud. You want to protect your products, brand and your company, toptack GmbH offers you solutions for it. In addition to safety films, also unique solutions for harsh environmental conditions. With topsecure Safety Varnish you get a simple, efficient, robust and highly innovative solution: For proof of originality, For detecting manipulation of housing locks, To ward off unjustified recourse claims.

Toptack GmbH developed the topsecure safety varnish especially for use in vehicle technology, ship and rail technology. topsecure safety varnish (TSS) is a further development of well-known, but commercially available security lacquers. Due to the uniqueness of the composition, TSS provides real proof of the originality and integrity of closures! You will receive topsecure Safety Varnish in four different levels (see graphic below). topsecure safety varnish has utility model protection.

Utility Model Certificate (PDF, 1MB)

Vapor Resistance (xK9K), high temperature (250 ° C) and / or chemical load, topsecure safety varnish (TSS) and topsecure safety varnish high temperature (TSS-HT) (for high temperature applications) provide the protection that is important to your products and assemblies. You will receive topsecure safety varnish in security level INTERMEDIATE-, PROGRESS- and TOP-SECURE exclusively and only at toptack GmbH it is not available in public trade!

You will receive TSS safety lacquer in ready-to-use cartridges (30 ml) for immediate metered application using a manual dispensing unit.

For use in series production an automated application of TSS safety varnish is also possible. In that case, topsecure security varnish is available in cartridges of 240ml, which can be further processed using an automatic dosing machine at your assembly line.

Sicherungslack Originalitätsschutz

Dispensing unit with toptsecure safety varnish in cartridge (30ml), for manual application of the varnish.

Brochure topsecure security varnish (272kB, PDF)

Overview of options topsecure security varnish (384kB, PDF)

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