Protective labels

LOTUS effect protective label

(single-layer, permanent adhesive)
Durable protection of label printed image, specially developed for painting and powder coating.


The LOTUS effect protective label is permanently affixed to the printed label to protect the printed image. LOTUS EFFECT Protective labels have a highliy repellent surface that prevents the adhesion of paints, powder coatings and many other substances. Residues of paint or powder deposits after powder coating process can be “deported” easily from the protective film surface. The protective label itself does not need to be peeled off, it continues to serve the permanent protection of the printed image on the label.

Protective label with removal aid

(single-layer, removable adhesive)
For temporary protection of labels and printed image during painting or powder coating.


As an alternative to the LOTUS effect protective label, removable protective laminate labels with grip tabs for removal are available. These protective labels are also used for parts marking with labels in painting and powder coating processes. The transparent protective label is glued temporarily to the printed label. After painting or powder coating, it is removed from the label by the grip tab, so that the printed information is visible again on the label.

Protective label, inner removal aid

(one or two-layer, permanent and removable) Temporary and
permanent protection of label before and after powder coating.


These protective labels are used in parts marking with labels, in painting or powder coating processes. The transparent, multi-layered protective label is glued to the printed label. After painting or powder coating, only the uppermost protective film is peeled off by a grip tab, in order to make the information of the label underneath visible again. The further layer(s) of the protective label remains on the printed label, and thus serve to permanently protect the label printing.

Protective label permanent

(single-layer, permanent adhesive)
For permanent protection of labels under heavy load of the printed image.


These protective labels are used wherever the printed image of labels is exposed to high loads and still needs to be legible for a long time. The transparent protective label prevents, e.g. due to chemicals, oils or solvents used in the environment of the label application, that the printed image of the label is damaged. The same applies to the protection of the label print image from mechanical influences. Once affixed to the printed label, the label printing is permanently protected and remains legible for long-term use even under conditions of stress.

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