Label printing & laminating machine

Label printing and laminating machine

Thermal transfer printing of labels and automated application of protective laminat labels, especially LOTUS effect protective label, on the printed label. The printed image is optimally protected from external influences by the laminate. Single-layer and / or multi-layer laminates (paint protection labels) can be applied fully automatically. To protect the printed image when the labels pass through paint or powder coating process, or just to permanently protect the print image.

Be inspired, surprisingly easy to use, compact, flexible and inexpensive!

The system is real-time capable and enables label printing (process data) via network interface (TCP/IP).

Cumbersome, manual sticking or folding of protective laminate on printed labels is a thing of the past. The label printing & laminating station is designed so flexibly that different labels and laminates in sizes from 10×10 mm to 100×100 mm can be processed. The conversion of the machine to different label or laminate formats is possible at any time and very easily.

Different operating modes and data interfaces are available for the label printing & laminating station:

  • Operation with network interface (TCP/IP), USB or via printer interface and external computer.
  • Operation as a self-sufficient station, without external data connection or external computer.
  • Free changing, printing labels with lamination or without applying laminate (as an option).
  • Print and laminate labels with immediate, manual finishing of the laminated labels on the dispensing edge.
  • Print and laminate labels with instant, automated post-processing of laminated labels on the dispensing edge.
  • Printing and laminating labels, winding of laminated labels, for later manual or automated further processing.

Labels Printing & laminating machine, in Basic Compact Design: External dimensions: 65 x 50 x 110 (L x W x H / cm).

toptack GmbH designs and creates complete systems for labeling, dispensing and testing systems according to customer requirements, or according to product-specific requirements and specifications, optionally with a labeling system or laser marking system.

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Changing the roll of protective labels
Changing the roll with labels
Changing the ribbon roll (thermal transfer ribbon)
Position of the protective label and the printed image