Special labels

Spezial labels for
powder coating
  • Lotus Effekt Sonderetiketten

Highly resistant labels are glued to the still uncoated material, go through with the component all pre- and cleaning processes and also the coating. The readability of the label information is retained since there is no powder adhesion to the label surface. Labels are available for TTR printing as well as laser marking.

Download Brochure LOTUS-effect labels, German (PDF, 545kB)

-> see also: Protection tags 
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Labels for laser marking
LOTUS-, without emission

Material Type LOTUS-Laser, color white, dark lettering, for the powder coating process. Type LASERFINE, color white, by laser beam dark lettering, emission-free, color change. Type LASERBURNE, color black, white lettering, inscription by burning.
All materials available as labels or endless rolls. With optional reinforcement of the adhesive (see below), also suitable for very rough surfaces.

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Label for high temperature application

Labels for marking parts in high temperature environment, e.g. SMD production, drying in autoclaves, etc. We produce labels customer-specific, that are exposed to very high temperatures. Also in version with reinforcement of the adhesive.

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Two-part label, with tab („twin-tec-label“)

Label, shared with grip tab. Color white, TTR printable. Label is made of two parts, each part is printed with identical information. First label part (with grip tab), for documentation in assembly documents, second labeling part for marking the component, i.a. for automotive application.

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Metal and special foil labels (Cu, Al, Membrane, etc.)

Labels made of individual materials, such as metal foils (aluminum, copper), membrane foil, etc., are manufactured as self-adhesive stamped parts. Application e.g. as shielding, deflect or contact foil adhesive parts. The production is customized, according to drawing, on request.

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Download Brochure Funktional punched parts (PDF, 325kB)

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