Laserdevice for label marking

Laserdevice for label marking
(Option: Z-axis adjustment)

Cut and mark individual labels from endless material / LOTUS laser material with laser.


Mark finished laser labels and LOTUS laser labels individually with laser.

The laser marking system that will inspire you too! Working space approx. 170 x 160 x ( 150mm ) (L x W x H/with option Z-axis adjustment), labeling field / laser optics up to 180 x 180mm. Plug and play based on windows technology.

The basic unit is, ready for use, suitable for the lasering of label role material. A comfortable user interface leaves nothing to be desired. Also out of data-tables, data can be written on labels. As an option, we also offer you an adjustable Z-axis. This makes the laser system even more versatile. With this option, 3-dimensional components can be directly inscribed with the laser.

From Plastic to V4A stainless steel you can inscribe a wide variety of materials. Whether lettering (windows fonts integrated) or complex Datamatrix code, the included software offers all possibilities. The 20W / 30W fiber laser system (1064 nm) impresses with its compact design and offers various options and expansions. Also included is a filter system  with multi-stage filter, including active coal filter for indoor use of the system.

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